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They are often used just for fun, but emojis can also be powerful tools for communication, especially amongst young people struggling to express themselves. As we communicate via written messages throughout our daily lives, emojis are there to fill the gaps where we have trouble finding the right words to express our feelings, and the impact of using these simple pictures to communicate shouldn’t be underestimated.

It is often said that written messages lack crucial communication aids such as tone and facial expressions, which help the reader understand how the writer is truly feeling. With an emoji however, it is easy to show your emotions without having to spell them out in written form. This can be particularly useful for people who struggle to find the words to express their feelings, or who don’t understand how they are feeling well enough to put it into words.


Emojis have quickly become a global language.

Spreading from text messages and WhatsApp to social media and beyond. They are now so entrenched in popular culture that it makes headlines when new emojis are created, and much debate has been had about the use of emojis by political figures such as Hilary Clinton, in an attempt to relate to young people.

Emojis are clearly useful as communication aids, as they have the ability to cross language barriers. They are particularly popular with young people, and this makes them a natural choice when finding a method of communication which helps children and young people find a way to express their feelings. There are a number of reasons why young people might struggle to communicate, ranging from learning difficulties, being placed in foster care, dealing with bereavement or facing difficulties at home.

Using our Chateez cards, which feature the popular emoji design can be a great help in allowing young people to share their emotions. Younger children enjoy the vibrance of the pictures, making the experience more fun for them, and by using the familiar emoji pictures found on smartphones and tablets, teenagers just ‘get’ emoji’s (and could usually teach us adults a thing or too!).

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