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Top ten games for primary aged children

1. Lay the cards face down. Ask a pupil to choose one but not tell the class what it is. They have to make the face and the class should guess it.
2. Give the pupils a set of Chateez cards and some Play-Doh. Ask them to make some of the faces with the Play-Doh.
3. In pairs, ask one pupil to pick a Chateez card and tell their partner about a time they have felt that way.
4. Set up the Chateez cards on the floor. Call out an emotion. Ask the pupils to toss a beanbag on to the emotion you called out.
5. Place a negative-emotion card in front of a cuddly toy and ask the pupils to think about what they could say to the toy to make it feel better.
6. Pick a simple sentence, such as “Let’s go to the shops”. Ask pupils to take turns choosing a card and repeating the sentence with the voice and expressions that correspond to that emotion.
7. While reading a favourite book together, ask pupils to hold up Chateez cards that best represent the feelings of the characters.
8. Ask the class to sort the Chateez cards into positive and negative emotions.
9. Ask each pupil in turn to pick a Chateez card and act out that emotion.
10. In small groups, ask pupils to find pictures from magazines relating to the feelings on the Chateez cards.